Helping people and organisations thrive

About HR partners with employers to create and refine people strategies and programs that are clearly linked to business goals, outcomes and profitability.

Our approach to HR goes much deeper than just policies and procedures. We bring a strategic and holistic focus which aims to bring out the best in your people, improve productivity and ensure everyone is working towards delivering desired business results.

We recognise that your employees are your greatest asset and, if performing well, are also a major competitive advantage. We work closely with you to understand the complexities of your business and focus on delivering sustainable people strategies that will deliver a commercial return on your HR investment.

Our service delivery is fully flexible depending on your business needs, and can be provided on a ‘one-off’ project basis or as a regular ongoing engagement.

We are committed to helping you, your business and your people thrive.

Our expertise includes:

Strategic HR Consulting

About HR will show you how to achieve a commercial return on your HR investment – not just meet your legal and compliance obligations. Let us open your eyes to what is possible.

We work with you to develop a HR framework that underpins the success of your business:

  • Connecting business activity to strategy
  • Ensures you have the right people in the right positions
  • Links people performance to profitable outcomes
  • Ensures there are no skill gaps impeding your success

Managed HR Solutions
Let About HR be our trusted HR partner. We provide the professional support you need – when you need it. We develop and implement HR systems that help you to minimise your risk and get the most out of your people.

We work with clients to establish their HR capability and to streamline HR processes.

People development
Do you want to improve productivity and performance? Our range of workplace development programs include:

  • Building efective workplace relationships
  • Developing leadership capabilities – individual and team
  • Managing conflict
  • Handling bullying in the workplace

Everything DiSC®
DiSC psychometric assessments help HR Professionals, Managers and Workplace experts to eliminate much of the needless mystery, misunderstanding and conflict that stop teams from working efectively together.

For more information about our range of people development programs contact About HR.